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Renée Belisle is one of only two Certified Professional Organizers (CPO®) in the Phoenix metro area. 
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Renée Belisle, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Clutter Rehab, LLC is a frequent speaker and provides professional organizing services to help individuals, homes, and businesses get organized and become more productive. Being unorganized and/or surrounded by clutter will make you feel "sick" and discontented. Although you may know you feel this way, most people don’t connect these feelings with being disorganized.

You must be visiting this site because you have ambitions of de-cluttering a space. Maybe you’ve decided to clear a closet, make room in your drawers, make your spare room more than a storage unit for all the items you have no other place for, or make your home office more functional. Maybe you’re needing help in better time management or in getting your finances organized (yes, time and finances can become cluttered, too).

Perhaps you are a business owner or professional struggling with paper and files management and have decided you need to become more productive in order to create more time and increase your bottom line.

Good for you! Having the ambition is your first step to becoming clutter-free and organized. But we all know taking that ambition and turning it into action is easier said than done.

That’s where Clutter Rehab can help. You will receive an on-site consultation. We’ll discuss your goals and assess the space. An individualized plan will be established for you to be able to fulfill your goals and work at the pace you’re comfortable with. You will decide how much or how little you want Clutter Rehab to do.

Clutter Rehab Mission Statement:

"We help individuals and organizations create and sustain a productive and comfortable work or living environment so everyone can accomplish what must be done and have time to grow and enjoy their life."

Does your clutter have you aflutter? Does your mess have you stressed? Heal your sick space through organization and redesign. Call 480-226-5874 today or go to order form on this site for your FREE "25 Clever Clutter Cutters". There’s no obligation.  

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"Doctor, I need some help. I have piles of paper
everywhere, my closet is a mess, I can't find
anything when I need it, there's no room to park
my car in the garage.............................."