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(services used: cleared clutter, established file system, clutter control and paper management systems)

Clutter Rehab is certified through the City of Phoenix as a WBE, DBE, SBE company. We offer a variety of services to assist businesses in increasing efficiency and productivity. The list below gives you an idea of the services available. If you don’t see the particular service listed that you are interested in, please call to discuss. The list below is not all-inclusive.

Clutter Rehab is now able to work with you virtually using Taming The Paper Tiger Software to organize your paper files. Travel to your location is no longer necessary. Using this service can save you money. Call for details.


Systems, processes, and procedures are analyzed to determine whether quality and/or productivity can be increased, customer service improved, and/or profitability can be positively impacted. Individual and centrally understood file systems are implemented.


Some examples in this category include time being wasted through poor meeting planning, lack of training in time management systems, and underutilization of technology.


With over 20 years of experience in developing and facilitating classes, Clutter Rehab can customize the specific training needed for your company in several areas.

Maximize your business opportunities by saving time and money through increased efficiencies. Contact Clutter Rehab to discuss how our experience of working with executives, managers, and front-line employees in various industries can help your company achieve the level of results you're looking for.


If you have a group that you feel would benefit from information on getting organized, Clutter Rehab will customize a program to meet the group’s needs/interests. 


An assessment is done to determine if the work area is arranged in the most effective and efficient manner for the business function. 




(services used: cleared clutter, established filing system, product/supply storage, clutter control, re-design)

(services used: established filing system, established paper management system, room re-arrangement)


(services used: 8 Hour Miracle™)


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Here is what some have said about Clutter Rehab's business services:

"Renée guaranteed I would increase productivity by at least 10%. It's been more like 30%. My business growth tripled after Renée helped me to get organized."

Brenda K., Gilbert, AZ

"Renée is great to work with, has excellent follow up and communication skills, and is very flexible."

Andy E., Phoenix, AZ  

"My mind is clearer, more focused, and I get 50% more accomplished daily since being organized. The techniques shown to me saved 75% in time, ultimately resulting in being able to generate more profitable deals and increasing my revenue." 

Linda S.,
Los Angeles, CA

"I love the way my office is set up!! Thank you for using your wonderful organizing skills to help other people!!"

Jamie W., Mesa, AZ

"I am your number one fan, and can't say thanks enough for having you introduce Paper Tiger to my office! Being able to put my hands on receipts, invoices, quotes, taxes, you name it, has saved me so much time and so much frustration and so much stress! Paper Tiger was not an investment, it was a lifesaver! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Vickie M., Scottsdale, AZ