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Lessons From A Clutter Therapist

Written by Renee Belisle, this book is filled with real life scenarios, before and after pictures, organizing tips, and life lessons learned from each project. Go to http://bit.ly/2ClutterTherapist to order your copy.

Kid-In-A-Box Inserts

Our exclusive one-of-a-kind product (listed below) was too expensive to mail so was limited to the Phoenix Arizona area. But now we are offering the inserts to the box so you can create your own Kid-In-A-Box. You will receive the 7 sections to place inside a standard banker's box to categorize your child's keepsakes. And, just like our box, you can also use the inserts to organize craft projects such as scrapbook pages.

This is how a box can look using the inserts:


Price is $9.99 plus postage.

"I had purchased 2 Kid-In-A-Box a couple years ago for my older children. I love them! I just ordered 2 more for my younger kids."   Amy T.

"I love the box I previously purchased. I had to get 3 others for the rest of my children."  Tasha J.

"I purchased 1 Kid-In-A-Box for my granddaughter a few years ago. When my daughter had her second child, she asked me if I could get another Kid-In-A-Box. She loves the organization they provide!"  
Pat Z.


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