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Renée Belisle, CPO®                                                          

Renée Belisle had a successful career in human resources management. Her experience ranges from being employed by global organizations to large and medium-sized national companies.

Eventually, Renée realized that her home was filled with clutter.  Stacks of paper and boxes of "collectibles" filled every inch of closet space and was spilling out into the floor spaces of her bedroom and home office. She undertook a journey to get her home organized. Through the process Renée found how very difficult it can be to let go of items that she had owned for a long time, even though she never used them nor had a place left to display them. Through a process that came to be a habit, Renée found that it is possible to let go of some things while maintaining happiness.  In fact, she hasn’t missed one single item she got rid of. And, by developing new habits, it has been relatively easy to stay organized.

During this time, Renée also realized that her finances were filled with clutter as well.  Balances on several credit cards were almost at the limit.  She set about using the same organizing methodology with her finances as with her belongings and has not had any credit card debt for several years.

As a result of getting rid of the clutter, Renée found that her life overall became much less stressful, her home was a comfortable and relaxing place to be, and she actually had extra money at the end of the month!  She was so excited about the changes in her life, she wanted to help others achieve the same results.

She turned her efforts to help friends get their homes and lives better organized.  Eventually, Renée decided to make a career change.  Although she loved the work she did in Human Resources, she felt she could make a bigger impact in helping to improve people’s lives by becoming a Professional Organizer.  She has found that the same skills she used to be successful in human resources management transferred to her career as a Professional Organizer.

The name of her business, "Clutter Rehab", came about because Renée recognized how "sick" her spaces and finances had been when they were in the cluttered state.  After completing the de-cluttering process, she realized how therapeutic it was to have it all organized.  She felt so much better about everything!  She considers herself to be a "clutter therapist".

Renée hopes to inspire others to gain control over every aspect of their life---their physical space, their time, the goals they set for themselves, and their finances---thereby realizing the rewards of being organized and clutter-free.

Renée became among the first in the state, and in the nation, to receive the Certified Professional Organizer (CPO® ) designation in the industry inaugral exam held in April, 2007. After becoming certified, Renée  was selected to be part of the team that writes the questions for the certification exam. She is also the author of the book "Lessons from a Clutter Therapist". Get your copy here: http://bit.ly/ClutterTherapist.

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