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What is a Professional Organizer?

A Professional Organizer is an individual who provides you with guidance, information, products, systems, and techniques that will work best in your situation to get you better organized. Professional Organizers are nonjudgmental and keep you focused throughout your organizing project.

How does the relationship work between Clutter Rehab, LLC and the client?

You will find that there is a lot of flexibility. Some clients really don’t want or have the time to be fully involved in the project. Others want to be working side-by-side the entire project. Clutter Rehab can do as little or as much as you want done. No matter what the project is though, you will need to be involved in certain phases of it. For instance, you would not want to have an item you treasure to be put in a box to be sold. On the other hand, if you wanted to sell some of your items, but did not have the time to do a garage sale, Clutter Rehab can do one for you.

What makes Clutter Rehab different from other professional organizers?

There are several things which differentiate Clutter Rehab within the organizing field. These differentiators include:

Renée Belisle is a Certified Professional Organizer. Currently, she is the only one in the metropolitan area and 1 of 2 in the entire state who hold this designation. The CPO® designation proves through examination and client interaction to possess the body of knowledge and experience required for certification. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, certification of professional organizers maximizes the value received from the services provided and products recommended by a CPO®. It also shows clients that she has the knowledge and experience it takes to help them out of the situation they are in. 

In addition to the personalized attention you receive, the experience and training gained from 25 years in human resources and corporate management (see "About Your Professional Organizer" to learn more) provide an excellent background to develop and implement systems, processes and procedures at every level.

Another advantage over other professional organizers is that Renée Belisle has gone from a state of disorganization to being organized. This lends to empathy for your situation, having experienced first hand the pain and discomfort that comes from sorting through your things and changing long-time habits.

How do I know that you will be able to help me get organized?

An assessment is made at the initial consultation to determine how best to help your situation. If you are really ready to organize your space, Clutter Rehab can help you regardless of the level of your disorganization. You can learn many of the basic principles of organizing as we progress through the project.

What are your fees?

I have found that charging by the hour rather than the project, seems to work best for my clients. The hourly fee depends on the particular project. Generally, the fee ranges from $50-$60 per hour for residential and $65-$125 per hour for business. The appropriate fee is determined at the conclusion of the initial consultation and a written proposal is given to you. Fees are collected at the end of each workday so no invoicing is necessary.

That seems like a lot of money to spend on getting organized. Where is the value?

Think of it in these terms: If you earn an annual salary of $30,000 at your job, that equates to an hourly rate of $14.42. Spending just 15 minutes each day looking for items you need, but can't find right away, costs you $1,316.00 per year. And the reality is that if you are not organized, you are probably spending closer to 30 minutes each day looking for "lost" items so that amount doubles. Remember, it usually isn't 30 consecutive minutes. It's 5 minutes looking for your keys, 5 minutes looking for your glasses, 5 minutes looking for the remote control, 10 minutes looking for the clothes you're going to wear today, and 5 minutes thinking about all the things you were supposed to do, but didn't have time to get to.

None of that takes into account the stress and frustration you experience by being disorganized and the number of times you run late because you can't find something right away and the number of times you have repurchased a product you know you already have, but can't find.

How long will it take to complete the project?

At the time that you receive the written proposal, an estimate will be provided stating how long the project will take to complete. However, a large part of how long it takes depends on your schedule and availability. Also, the more you are involved, the faster the project will go. 2-3 people can get a lot more accomplished than one working alone.

What happens if the project takes longer than the initial estimation?

Generally, projects are usually completed very close to the estimated time; however, there have been times when a client was so pleased with the results that (s)he wanted more done as we went along. Because you pay by the hour, you can decide when to stop. Perhaps due to budget constraints you need to have the project done in phases. Clutter Rehab is flexible and can work to accommodate your budget and your time.

Will I have to throw everything away?

No, you won't have to throw everything away. Clutter Rehab will work with you to decide what is and is not important to you. Throughout the project you will learn how to establish a place for all your belongings. During the process you will probably come across items you no longer use or want and will decide to part with them. However, nothing will be discarded without your approval.

My house is a complete mess right now. Should I clean it before we meet?

It's best not to change anything prior to the initial consultation so that the situation can be accurately assessed and best solutions can be offered. A Professional Organizer is used to seeing all kinds of rooms and entire houses in a disorganized state.

I have sensitive information in the room I want organized. How can I be sure it will remain confidential?

Be assured that your personal and confidential information will be protected. Clutter Rehab adheres to the National Association of Professional Organizers Code of Ethics (visit
www.napo.net for more information).

Have more questions? Contact Clutter Rehab to get any additional questions answered and to schedule your initial consultation.

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